Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Afghan Women Soccer Team Beats Pakistan (Report)

Photo from BBC
The victory of Afghan Women Soccer team in Pakistan is a sign that if supported Afghan women can be good in any field, same as they have proven their talent in soccer. The Afghan Women Soccer Team defeated Pakistan by one Goal in M. A .Jinnah stadium in Islamabad.
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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Insecurity In Kandahar (Report)

Photo by: Noori

Zhiri is one of the most instable districts of Kandahar province. The local drivers deny carrying government workders and reporters to the area because of the fear that Taliban would kill them if they knew drivers were serving government and pro government people. I offered twice as much of the price to a local taxi driver to take me to this district about three weeks ago when I was in Kandahar, but the driver denied. When I asked him what was wrong with taking me to the district. He said that he will be killed for doing so, if Taliban would know he had taken me to the district.
The latest BBC report about the killing of Zhiri district governor and his three children is a big proof of insecurity in the area. Now the question is, if the district governor is unable to save his and his children’s life; how can he ensure the security of others like taxi drivers and ordinary residents?
Click on the headline and read the complete BBC report about the murder of Zhiri district governor.