Saturday, December 30, 2006

Concern over Eid (Opinion)

Dear friends,
Tomorrow, December 30, 2006 is the First day of the Eid ul-Adha for all Muslims around the world. On Eid days Muslims pray for peace and prosperity, but unfortunately the politicians never let Muslims have any moment of happiness. As most of you might already know, the execution of Saddam Hussein took place today. Allah knows how many innocent Muslims will die in the aftermath of the conflict between Shia and Sunny in Iraq following this execution. I am worried about the fact that politicians play with our destiny same as children play with toy. It is like chess; the politicians are the players; public are the instrument; the world is the chess board. Politicians have the right to think as long as they want; put the public in any position they want; and win their games in the way they want. We have to wake up. We have to feel a bit of responsibility towards ourselves, towards our children, and towards our religion. Isn’t it funny that Saddam Hussein’s trial took place right one day before the November election? I remember discussing it with some of my friends on campus. I told them that that specific day had been chosen from long time ago. I even told them to consider any upcoming important Islamic religious day. I remember telling them something is going to happen on Eid days too. The fact that I am writing this article is that I got a call from one of them saying that I was right. To be honest, I don’t care about Saddam Hussein. He was also a politician after all. I am worried about several other facts. The time of his execution had been chosen this day because of the fact that today is the Arafat, where millions of Muslims go to Arafat Mountain to perform their hajj—the fifth pillar of Islam. This was chosen to disrupt Muslims during their religious practices. Today was chosen to convert the happiness of Muslims to a tension. This was chosen to create bloodshed among Shea and Sunny in Iraq on the eve and days of Eid. I am worried about the future of the children of those Muslims who were killed in the day of the Eid of Ramadan this year in Iraq. I am worried about the children of those Muslims who will become orphans. The politicians think that we (public) are all fools. It is not true. We know every thing they do; we know what they have in their dirty minds. If so, then why aren't we reacting to their wrongdoings? Why are we watching them playing with our lives? Why aren’t we learning from their games? There is plenty of whys that are out there looking to be answered by the public. The reason we (public) are not reacting is because we are selfish, irresponsible, and arrogant. We don’t think those orphans are also humans. We don’t think those widows are part of us. We don’t think Iraqis and Afghans are humans like any other Arabs or Americans. I would like to remind you all that tolerating wrongdoing is a major sin in itself. We will be responsible for the death of all innocent Iraqis and Afghans, if we just keep quiet and mind our own businesses. Allah will punish us all on the Day of Judgment for this sin. Fear Allah and pray for his forgiveness. Do whatever in your power to bring this aimless war to an end. If you can’t do anything else, just pray for peace among Muslims around the world.

Wish you all a very peaceful Eid and prosperous New Year.

Written by: Noori


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