Saturday, January 10, 2009

Muslims Still Victims of Racial Profiling in the United States

Over seven years from the attacks of September 11, 2001, Muslims in the United States are still direct victims of racial profiling.

Despite the US constitution’s given right of freedom of speech and religious practices, not every American—Muslims in particular—enjoys such freedom.

Almost every one in the world knows what is going on in Gaza since December 27, 2008. It is our right to raise our voices to stop this unconventional war, which so far have killed 800 Palestinians and wounded more than 3200 others, according to BBC.

Given the right of freedom of speech, an Arab guy wore a T-shirt that read "We will not be silent." The Arab guy was denied the right to board in a JetBlue airplane because of the text in his T-Shirt.

Luckily, the guy stood up for his legal right and legitimate cause and won the case against JetBlue. But it is illegal and unconstitutional in the first place to pick on someone because of what is trying to express, whether by word, action, or illustration of something.

Please read the complete article about this case by clicking on the headline.


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