Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mesazamat, Farhad Darya's new song

Farhad Darya—the top musician of Afghanistan—has dedicated his time in several important things:

Producing musical albums, in which he usually conveys the messages of unity and love. Helping Afghan children, whom he believes can bring a very positive change in the future of this country.

Spreading the message of peace, which he believes is possible to attain.

Praising those who work for peace and prosperity, Darya said, “Peace is not a miracle. It is possible. But we have to work hard to achieve it.”

On the launch of his new musical album “Yaahoo” that has five new patriotic songs, and includes a couple of his songs from his previous albums —Ha and Salam Alaik—Darya spoke to hundreds of his fans and journalists and sang some of his songs live on the stage.


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